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Thank you for the gift?

I keep seeing these commercials on TV where a husband gives the wife exercise equipment and a year later, she thanks him for how it changed her life.  I always wonder: “Did she ask him for that exercise equipment?”

When a person gives a gift like that, do you wonder if he/she is saying you need to lose weight?  Or is the person saying I want you to be healthy?  Or is he/she saying I love your fat cheeks and I want you to be healthy?  If it’s a discussion you’ve been having and you know the answer, no worries.  But if you haven’t been talking about exercising equipment and he/she adds a gym to the house and says it’s your gift, maybe you need to talk.  This is especially true if his/her shirts won’t button and he/she is on the last notch of his/her belt.

One of my friends got cooking lessons as a gift.  Seriously. The gift was from her husband.  They had been married a few years and she thought everything was fine.  Then he gives her cooking lessons.  It would have been different if he bought them both classes they could attend together, but this was 6 weeks for her to learn the basics – all paid for in advance.  Of course, it caused some hurt feelings, but we’re all happy because she can sure cook a mean lasagna now.

Losing weight, exercising and cooking can all be sensitive subjects.  So, before you give a gift that says, “You need to go on a diet or you can’t cook”, think about it carefully.  The person might not want to thank you for the gift!

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