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Snow Time

Bea Louis

Some see the positives.  I see the negatives.  The kids are full of cheers.  I’m full of tears.  Kids say Snow Day.  I say back up Parkway.  They see the probabilities.  I see impossibilities. Oh, if only I felt the glee of a child when I saw snow.  I’d be excited about making snowmen, throwing snowballs, sliding down snow-covered hills, and making snow cones!  However, all I envision is ice scrapers, shovels, frostbitten fingers, and snow-packed roads. 

I’ve lived through Nightmare snow situations.  I remember years ago when I was a senior in high school, and I was driving to school in 3 feet of snow.  I’m not making that up.  We used to get lots of snow here in Oklahoma.  My two younger brothers were riding with me and we got stuck on a snowdrift.  They got out and pushed me and once I got going, I didn’t stop.  Seriously.  I left them out in the freezing cold in 3 feet of snow.  After I had gone about a mile, my conscience bothered me, and I decided to turn around and go back and get them.  They still talk about that to this day. 

Another time, I was driving by myself and I did a spinout on a bridge and ended up blocking the bridge.  In the dark.  I was praying the whole time that no cars would come.  Eventually, a good Samaritan came along and helped me get on my way.  See why I’m not excited about the snow?

For years, I worked on a job where I was considered essential personnel.  I would have to go into work regardless of what the weather was like.  That meant leaving home at 5 a.m. or 6 a.m. to make it work by 8 a.m.  I’d pack a bag with emergency items-blankets, water, flashlight, and snacks and go to war with the snow.  So, now I have a clause in my job description.  I don’t come to work if snow, ice or sleet is falling.  I stay in bed with my blankets, water, flashlight, and snacks and watch the weather and feel sorry for folks who must venture out.  I served my time.  So, let it snow!

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