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Guest Contributor Series: Sometimes You Need a Cookie

Bea Louis

Yesterday, my car had a flat.  I was driving down the street and the hazard light came on and started blinking.  The indicator said my front left tire was low.  I watched as the pressure reading went down to 14.  I decided I needed to get off the road.  Then it started raining.  I was going to be late to work and I had to create something in Access because my 35-year old boss thinks everyone knows how to use Access.  I sat there for a few minutes and I thought – I need a cookie.  I just heard on TV or Facebook or Twitter or somewhere that baking for your family shows you love them.  Right now, I needed to bake for me to show somebody loved me.

When I was in elementary school, we used to have the best butter cookies in the world.  They were 2 for a nickel – I know I just dated myself.  We’d get those cookies and some chocolate milk.  It was the best treat ever!  Right now, I needed a cookie.

I found the recipe for those butter cookies and I am going to share it with you. They are super easy to make.  The recipe makes two dozen cookies, but if you are single, cut the recipe in half.  A dozen cookies should make anyone feel better.  Two dozen might indicate you need professional help to solve your problem….

Elementary School Butter Cookies

2 Sticks of Butter (Softened at room temperature.)

2/3 cup of sugar (3/4 cup if you really like sweet)

1 Teaspoon of vanilla

2 Cups of flour

Cream the butter, sugar and vanilla until it is nice and fluffy.  Add the flour about a ¼ of a cup at a time.  Form 12 balls and press down with two fingers.  Place on a cookie sheet and cook for 12 minutes at 350 degrees.  (Oven temperatures may vary so watch them closely.)  

Let those cookies cool about 5 minutes and get out your chocolate milk.  Next week, we’ll talk about how many steps it takes to walk off those cookies, but for now – show yourself some love!  Eat a cookie.

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