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Guest Contributor Series: Restaurant Survival!

I went to eat at my favorite restaurant yesterday.  I didn’t want to go because I was going to be forced to order my favorite food on the menu – Baby Back Ribs.  I always substitute the French fries (avoiding the fried food) with the delicious candied carrots.  And I surely couldn’t leave without having a huge hunk of Key Lime Pie.  How was I supposed to maintain the healthy eating habits I had maintained for the last 13 days?  This was going to be pure torture.

I was looking at the menu appetizers when I discovered something.  There are other items I can order on the menu that are not 2000 calories – my total allowance for the day!  Why hadn’t I ever seen the chicken club salad or Kale and Quinoa salad?  What about the short-smoked salmon or grilled pork chops?  The portions are large, but this place actually has to-go boxes.  I didn’t have to eat it all at one sitting!  I found myself being food conscious – and I was proud!  I ordered the salmon and it was delicious.  It came with steamed Brussel sprouts and a cucumber salad.  I could write in my food diary without guilt! 

My favorite restaurant is my favorite restaurant because they make great food.  And they make it for whatever frame of mind I’m in.  So, go to your favorite restaurant and try something new.  You’ll be glad you did.

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