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Guest Contributor Series: Cooking with Chef Daphne (Vegan Style)

Guest Contributor: Bea Louis

First, let me make it clear that I did not cook. I don’t want to get anyone’s expectations up. We have a friend who is Vegan and Chef Daphne offered to give her some tips. SHE helped Chef Daphne cook. I didn’t stir a pot and I only picked up a spoon to sample since they coerced me into being the taster.

Chef Daphne started with some roasted chickpeas. She put them on a tray, sprinkled some seasoning on them and sprayed them with some oil. I think it was Japanese. (Who keeps that in their pantry??) Next, she seasoned and prepared tofu. She popped them in the oven with the chickpeas and said how about some hummus while we wait? Seriously. Chef Daphne pulled out the food processor and made a garbanzo and black bean hummus. Then she went to her endless pantry and brought out a variety of chips and crackers. It was time for the taster (me) to go to work. It was so good that I threw out my store-bought hummus when I got home. I’d tasted the best and had to get rid of the rest!

Chef Daphne added couscous to our menu. She had a variety of flavors. I had never heard of Israeli couscous. (I guess that’s why I’m not CHEF Bea.) Anyway, she boiled some coconut milk, added regular couscous and covered the pot so the liquid would be soaked up. Even I can follow that recipe.

Everything is moving along well and she says she is preparing vegan ice cream for dessert. Do we want cherry, pineapple or both? We couldn’t stop grinning. You all should have been there. Before everything was done, she made spinach pesto and steamed edamame, too. Really, you all should have been there.

We got our plates and layered couscous, roasted chickpeas, edamame, baked tofu, and spinach pesto. We completed our meal with Vegan Cherry ice cream. DelishesDishes!

The next time you have Chef Daphne cook for you, try Vegan Style. I promise you won’t miss the chicken!

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