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Food Diary Deception

Bea Louis

“You’ve reached your calorie intake for today.”  I hate to see those words.  Should I continue to eat and not write it down?  Would that be food diary deception?

I am kind of obsessed with calories.  I know a calorie is an amount of energy that a particular food provides.  Yesterday, someone stated on social media that if you work out on an empty stomach, you burn more calories and will lose more weight.  Boy, did that cause a huge argument?  All the “Trainers” responded with facts and figures saying that it is not true.  Basically, their facts said that weight loss must include a calorie deficit, regardless of whether you work out on an empty stomach or not.  I’ve read a lot of different opinions, so, therefore, my obsession with calories. 

What does a calorie look like?  To me, it looks like a piece of homemade chocolate cake with fudge walnut frosting.  Why?  Because that’s what every calorie I eat seems to contain.  I look at it and it turns into fat!  Thus, I keep a food diary.

“You’ve reached your calorie intake for today.”  Here we go again.  Why did I promise myself that I would document everything that I ate?  I’ve got a good memory, so I think I can be trusted to know when I’ve reached my self-imposed calorie limit.  Or Can I?  Was a cup of grapes really a cup of grapes or did I sneak an extra ¼ cup in?  Does sugar-free really mean no calories or does it just mean no calories from sugar?  Counting calories can be so stressful!!!  But, I’m going to be diligent and honest because deceiving my food diary would be like telling myself the scale is lying…self-deception.

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