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Diner! Diner!

Guest Contributor: Bea Louis

I wanted to tell you about my experience at a diner while I was in New York.  Then I thought – I was a diner at a diner!  Homonym or Homograph?  Homonyms are words that sound alike but have different meanings.  Homographs are words that are spelled the same but have different meanings.  I believe I ate at a homograph.  But then what about polysemy?  Yes, a word can be involved with two meanings at once!  I was a diner at a diner – a homograph and a polysemy!

Enough about words – let’s talk about food.  We saw the word “Diner” in every town we went to in upstate New York.  We’ve got a few diners in Oklahoma, but not an abundance.  My traveling companion refused to eat at the Diners because she said they only served hot dogs and chili.  It made me think back to Mel’s Diner and Alice and Flo.  If you know who they are, we’re in the same club -med, aches, and pains.  Anyway, I explained to her that Diners offer much more than hot dogs and chili.  They offer comfort and home.  So, we decided to give it a go.

I felt like I stepped into the set of a fifties movie.  Our waitress had a beehive hairdo with a fishnet.  She looked like she had asked “What can I get you?” for a hundred years.  The Diner was neat and clean with a 70s style décor.  Couples who looked like they had been married for 50 years filled the booths.  I almost felt young again.  Classic rock played in the background as we perused our menus.

To my friend’s surprise, the menu was vast and varied.  Meatloaf, Seafood, Italian, Pot Roast, Salads – anything your heart desired.   She ordered lasagna and I got the meatloaf.  We were happy we had a refrigerator and microwave in our hotel room because they gave us huge amounts of food.  It was filling and delicious and we went again the next day.  We had to throw away food when we checked out of our hotel.  My favorite food was macaroni and cheese.  I wonder how that will fit in with my Vegan plans?

Anyway, next time you see the word “Diner” lit up outside a restaurant, be a diner – a homograph and a polysemy!

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