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-Chef Daphne

I must admit, I’ve enjoyed being home a little more during our sheltering in place.  With a reduced cooking schedule, I’ve had some time now to cook at home!

I pulled out the air fryer that has been sitting there over a year, since I didn’t have time to use it.  Can’t break away from it now! I’ve made air fyer tofu twice, shrimp and sweet potato fries. It’s so easy to use! Clean up is easy too!  Can’t wait to come up with other things I can cook in it.

Although restaurants were closed up until recently, it’s been nice to eat a home. My budget likes it and there is no food waste.  Perhaps you’ve tried some new recipes or came up with some new ideas for cooking.

In fact, I’ve started doing Zoom cooking lessons. That may be a new feature to come.  Stay tuned!

Now that the City is opening up, not everyone is in a rush to the restaurants. We still must remain safe as we work through this pandemic.  I hear that the meat supply may be short for a while. Now there will be a rush for meat!  At least TP and paper towels are available now!

In any event, stay well and safe and it might be a good idea to continue to eat at home!

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