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A Delishes 2017!

The year 2017 has been very educational for me. It has caused me to challenge my culinary skills and knowledge while accommodating varying diets. Up until a few months ago, I didn’t know what the Gerson Therapy was. I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to learn how to prepare raw meals. In fact, I’ve prepared so many vegetarian meals this year that I’m leaning toward being vegetarian very soon! There certainly are a lot of benefits in eating less meat: your cancer risk may drop, you will reduce your diabetes risk, you may lose weight and vegetarianism is one of the best diets for your skin. No wonder I still look 29!

In recent years, I’ve seen more people take better control over what they eat. The saying “you are what you eat”, still rings true. If you want to feel better, eat better! If you don’t have the time to organize a healthier diet, hire someone who can.  You don’t have to break the bank, however, anything that’s important to you will require some sacrifice. Add up how much you spend at Starbucks every week or McDonald’s as well as going out to eat lunch everyday. Not to mention those in between ” vending machine” snacks. These foods can be high in artery-clogging cholesterol and fat and sodium which is not healthy for your body. You can replace those meals with a heart healthy meal plan that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Even snacks! Delishes Dishes Mobile Chef Service can help!

Beginning with our January 2018 newsletter, we will showcase a new meal plan that will cut your meal prep time in half! Dinner will be ready in less than an hour! Who says you can’t have a chef prepared meal every day of the week? Whether it’s one of your family favorites or traditional comfort foods such as meatloaf, smothered chicken or pork chops; you can have it! Watch the video below to learn more!

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