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Yummy Spring Recipes: The Sequel

Hungry for more? In continuation of our previous post, these are some more yummy recipes to enhance your spring and summer. Utilizing the delishes fruits and vegetables that are ripe for eating during the season, these are some dishes you need to try while you still have the chance.

Lemon Raspberry Bars

If you are looking for another sweet and fresh summer treat to try, go for these delicious lemon raspberry bars. The perfect combination of sour and sweet with fresh fruits and a easy graham cracker crust make this a great go to spring treat. If you are not the biggest fan of raspberries, feel free to switch those out for strawberries, another fruit that pairs well with lemons. These bars are nice and creamy with a lemon and raspberry cream topping with the perfect crunch to make the perfect pair.

Grilled Sweet Potatoes

Another recipe you should try this spring are these amazing grilled sweet potatoes. Anytime you are out grilling, cut up some sweet potatoes and follow the recipes to get a delicious side for some chicken or steak, or perhaps a great main dish for those who choose to not eat meat. This recipe is super simple and delishes with lots of room to improvise. If you want to make something more savory, throw some herbs or sauces into the mix. If you want something sweet, add some honey, brown sugar, and cinnamon for a fun treat. There are so many ways to customize this recipe to your specific tastes.

Taco Lime Grilled Chicken

The next recipe you should consider trying is this one for taco lime grilled chicken, which would be great with tacos or on a salad. With fresh limes, this chicken has a lovely fresh flavor and is perfect for spring lunches out by the lake or for a taco during game night. This recipe is also super easy to prepare, so pair it along with the grilled sweet potatoes for a quick and easy meal. If you want to kick the chicken up a notch, add some cilantro or some chili powder to bring some extra heat.

Watermelon Salsa

If you want to truly take advantage of all the fresh ingredients spring has to offer, try this watermelon salsa. Full of delicious fruits and vegetables, this salsa is great for snacking on throughout a day out in the sun. You can easily switch the watermelon out for strawberries or mangos or another favorite fruit if you cannot get a hold of watermelon, or simply add more fruits to add more flavor. And if you are not a fan of spice, you can always skip the jalapenos or add more if you want a stronger kick.

Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies

A delicious quick breakfast or treat for the spring is making a smoothie. Adding vegetables to a basic fruit smoothie can give you a boost of nutrients. Finding a good recipe to follow is the best way to go. You can easily use different ingredients as long as you keep the proportions the same. If you want to make it sweeter, you can add a dash of sweetener or honey, or you can add protein powder or additional nutrient powder if you desire to.


½ a cup of fruit, frozen or fresh

1 cup of liquid such as milk, water, or juice

½ a cup of vegetables

¼ a cup or something creamy such a yogurt or banana


Combine all chosen ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy!

Which of these recipes was your favorite? Did your prefer the original or the sequel? Try them all to boost your spring. You never know what you may be your new favorite.

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