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The Best Summer Smoothies

Part 2

Summer is fast approaching and while you are making plans on retrofitting your home with some artifacts and furniture, do not forget to make provisions for some refreshments. Although there are lots of healthy foods and drinks for you to savor, some amazing smoothies for you to light up your summer would also be nice. A lot of people often think the best smoothie is one that has tens of fruit varieties but that’s not always the case. There are proportions and directions that need to be followed to ensure that you have the best result.

Looking for the best summer smoothie treat? Here are some more of my favorite summer recipes:

Raspberries + Almond Breeze + Banana + Orange Juice + Pomegranate Juice

These are all your summer in one cup. The first step is to get some frozen banana and lots of frozen raspberries. These give you a cold cum creamy thick base. Next is to add your almond breeze almond milk, pomegranate juice and orange juice for your fantastic smoothie. The taste is super creamy, refreshing, citrusy and refreshing.

Arugula + beetroot juice + diced cucumber + chopped apples + mint leaves

The chances are that you would love to maintain your perfect summer body and these right here would help. This smoothie can be used by a pro athlete. Beetroot and arugula are rich in dietary nitrates and when smoothly blended with the rest of the items, the end result is energizing and refreshing.

Blueberries + almond butter + ripe banana + almond milk + flaxseed + chia seeds

This is nicknamed the “maintain and sustain” smoothie and not only is the taste suiting, but it also works fast in helping you rebuild and repair after a long day or workout.

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