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Great Non-Alcoholic Party Drink Recipes

Maybe it’s a morning party, and it won’t go on late enough to justify drinking. Maybe it’s a party for kids, at that age where they can’t drink, but still like to pretend they’re adults. Maybe you, or someone who’s attending, doesn’t fancy alcohol, and likes to have some alternatives available.

Whatever the case may be, you’ve come here because you’re looking to learn the recipes to some drinks that are good for a party, but free from any alcohol. So here, we’ve collected some recipes to alcohol-free drinks that’ll maintain that essential party atmosphere.

Lemony Fruit Cooler

This one is especially perfect if you’re throwing an outdoor or summertime party. Between its bright orangey glow and its sharp, refreshing, citrusy taste, one sip can evoke blue skies and bright sunshine.

And what’s more, it’s absolutely hassle-free to put together. We’d recommend mixing a litre of chilled club soda, a half-cup of sugar, a half-cup of lemon juice, and four cups of white grape juice into a punch bowl. From there, simply slice a generous serving of fruit in – you can choose precisely what, but we’d personally recommend strawberries, peaches, and at least one whole orange.

Virgin Sangria

For something that’s still fruity, but slightly heavier in flavour, you might opt for the non-alcoholic version of this traditional Spanish blend.

You can feel free to experiment with this one – most of it isn’t set in stone, and it’s largely dependent on what you feel makes the best replacement for red wine. Personally, though, we’d recommend blending three cups of red grape juice with about a three-quarter cup each of apple and orange juice, and about one tablespoon of lemon juice.

From there, you can slice in your fruit. Like with regular sangria, you can feel free to get creative with this, too, and slice in whatever fruits are most to your taste. We’d personally favour a nice blend of orange, apple and lemon.

Oh, and just before serving, do be sure to also throw in about two to three cups of sparkling mineral water.

Virgin Mary

Here’s one for when yours is the sort of party that requires a strong flavour and a bit of a spicy bite. Most of us love a Bloody Mary now and then, whether for its taste or its strangely curative qualities. And with a well-made Virgin Mary, you can easily bring that familiar flavourful tang to your booze-free party.

Of course, like with a regular Bloody Mary, Virgin Marys can be put together a number of ways; and if you’ve already got a particular bloody recipe that you happen to like, you can just put that together, minus the gin.

If you don’t have such a recipe, though, then personally, we like to blend together a cup of tomato juice, a tablespoon each of lemon juice, celery salt and Worcestershire sauce, a half-tablespoon each of salt and pepper, and a couple dashes of Tabasco. Simply blend them together, and pour them over ice – and if you’re feeling adventurous, try your hand at adding some extra spices, such as wasabi, ginger, paprika, and the like.

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