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Frequently Asked Questions

"How does the service work?"

We will set up a time where I come to your home for a consultation interview. At this time we will discuss your culinary preferences, address any food allergies or dietary needs, and tour your kitchen and how it is equipped, as well as conduct an inventory. This interview also allows us to get acquainted with each other and provides me with the information I need to customize your personalized menus. I will answer any questions about the personal chef cost.

On your cook date, we will shop for the freshest ingredients, arrive at your house at an agreed upon time and prepare your heatable menu selections in the safety of your own kitchen, using your own cooking equipment.   We’ll then package, label and store your heatable menu selections in your refrigerator or freezer with heating instructions for you to enjoy at your leisure and leave your kitchen spotlessly clean.  Once a week or every other week service may be your preference, or having a freezer filled with just entrees may provide you flexibility at mealtime over the course of two to four weeks and may be your solution for your family dinner needs.

Delishes Dishes Mobile Chef Service, LLC  will allow you to enjoy your evening relaxing and dining on your freshly prepared gourmet meal.

Your meals can be packaged individually or family style.  They will be stored in freezable, microwave containers or Pyrex containers, ready for your oven.  Some meals will be stored in the refrigerator while others will go in the freezer for a later date.

"Do you have to prepare the food in my house?"

Yes, because of health department regulations, food must be prepared in the safety of your own kitchen or in a commercially certified kitchen.  The Chef will use your counter space, stove, refrigerator and sink.  We will bring everything else and leave you appetizing food.

"Do I need to be home?"

No, you don’t – we will work out the specifics. Cooking can take two or more hours, depending on the selection and the amount of food you have chosen.  We can schedule your cook date when you are home, or on the weekends. We are very flexible.

"Can I watch while you cook?"

Sure, but please understand that preparing multiple entrées and side dishes takes considerable concentration. While I’m happy to answer the occasional question, I cannot conduct a cooking class while I’m performing your service.

"I want someone to cook for me every day. Do you do that?"

That’s a private chef. Private chefs usually cook for only one client. Personal chefs have several clients.  If you would like to hire me as your private chef, we can discuss that option. It’s really simple to hire a personal chef.

"Can you make my favorite recipes or do you use your own?"

We will be happy to prepare any recipe you want.  We prefer to test recipes before cooking them for clients, so special requests should be made in advance.

"Do you have to freeze the food?"

That depends on the service option chosen.  Two to four fresh-cooked meals may last three to four days stored in your refrigerator.  Any longer than that, may require freezing. You may want to try our “Fresh Service”. Remember, an in-home chef service can be customized to suit your tastes, lifestyle and choices.

"How long will the food last in the freezer?"

Typically all meals can last several months in your freezer. We have found that our clients consume all their meals within one or two weeks.

" What if someone just wants to try it out or just needs an occasional service?"

You are not committed to any length of service. We are happy to accommodate your needs. Clients who commit by signing a service agreement get first consideration in scheduling. Feel free to try our new Sampler Package!

"Can I sample your food before I decide?"

Unfortunately, our busy schedule does not usually allow for us to provide samples.  Feel free to try our new Sampler Package!

"Are you a caterer?"

A caterer usually prepares food off-site and delivers it to the location of your function. We are happy to provide in-home and on-site catering. We’ll shop for the ingredients and prepare your selections in your kitchen or in a space with a kitchen. However, we do not cook from a commercial kitchen, so your food must be prepared on site.

"We’re hosting a party and we don’t have enough dinnerware, flatware, glassware, serving ware, napkins and linens. Can you provide those?"

Yes, we can arrange rentals for any additional necessities like glassware, linens, tents, tables and chairs. For buffet style dinners, I can provide chafing dishes, serving stations and platters for a moderate fee. We will help in any way we can.

"Are you insured?"

Delishes Dishes Mobile Chef Service, LLC is fully insured and hold safe food handling Certification.

"Why should I hire a Personal Chef?"

Delishes Dishes Mobile Chef Service, LLC is professionally affiliated with the United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA) and continues to educate ourselves on new trends in the industry through various networking opportunities such as conferences, forums, chats and classes. We also have access to new and innovative recipes that have been tested by fellow Personal Chefs and their clients.

"Where will you shop?"

If you have a favorite market, I will shop there!  I shop at local grocers and can shop for any specialty items you may request.  We are very flexible.

"How do I get started?"

Call to schedule your complimentary consultation.  We will go over your needs and preferences.  Once you have approved a menu based on the consultation, set a date and relax!

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