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Is Meal Planning Effective?

Whether it involves a dietary change or a weight loss journey, meal planning plays a big role. Meal planning may be complex and confusing at the beginning, but as time goes by, it will become a habit and will seem very easy. There are a lot of myths when it comes to this topic, which lead to people committing some mistakes with their meal plans. Below are some of the reasons that show how meal planning is not being done effectively and how to correct these mistakes.

Meal Schedules

Mistake: Many people think that breaking their meals into five to six mini meals throughout the day will be effective. This may be correct if you are someone with nothing to do during the day; no studies, no work, etc. People do not consider their daily schedules before deciding to break down their eating times and this may lead to them not being able to keep up with their meal plans.

Correction: In order to be able to keep up with what is being planned, it is very important to acknowledge the daily activities and understand the requirements of the body as well. For some people, eating three main meals per day works just fine. For others, it may not be enough. Therefore, to break down their main meals into six, they should decide upon the times at which to consume them as well.

Recipes Matter

Mistake: When on a diet or a dietary change, people often find themselves quickly bored and saturated with the same recipes and same types of foods every day. This is often a big challenge for those who consider meal planning. The plan will only be effective if the plan is followed. However, if one is bored with the meals themselves, it might be difficult to keep up, especially for those who know only a limited number of recipes.

Correction: When considering meal planning, people should not hesitate to research and try new recipes every week. There are a lot of resources available everywhere to guide and help with making different types of recipes with different types of foods. The desire to make new dishes will make the journey more exciting and fun. In that way, people will also tend to stay more committed to their meal plans.

Calorie Control

Mistake: The biggest mistake that people commit during meal planning is thinking that choosing and eating healthy foods all day long is all it will take to succeed in it. They, therefore, tend to saturate it with all the healthy things they lay their hands on. What they do not consider is that their energy intake does make a difference. Eating healthy food is good but eating it excessively can have some negative effects. It is therefore important to manage the calories properly to make the meal planning work effectively.

Correction: When considering meal planning, people should first decide upon their calorie intake. They can then proceed to place the different types of foods into the meal plans. This step may be overwhelming as it involves lots of numbers and classification, nevertheless, there are many resources such as calorie calculators and food charts which help to make the journey more smooth.

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