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How to Make the Perfect Date Night

Date nights don’t always have to be overdone. Sometimes the thought is plenty enough. You could take your date to the standard dinner and movie, but this can be boring. Whether you want to impress your date your first time out together or want to show your partner that you’re still just as in love as you were when you first met, planning the perfect date night is the best way to show you care. These are some great ideas on how to make the perfect date night.

You never want to plan something that either only you will enjoy or your date will enjoy. There is a middle ground that will make the date special for both of you. Are you both fans of being outside? Plan a simple picnic and cap it off with a hike in some picturesque location. Watch the sunset on the beach. These are all great ideas for people who love the great outdoors. If your date loves music and you share a favorite band, get tickets to the show if they come around or take them to a local bar for some live music. Find something that you both enjoy and make a date around that.

Picking a restaurant for dinner is boring. It’s a safe choice, especially if you choose a popular chain location. If you absolutely must pick a restaurant for a dinner date, make it some place special. Is there a local restaurant that just opened up? Maybe there’s a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that is small, intimate, and makes amazing food for a unique experience. Take note of this place and try avoiding it again in the near future. You want to mix it up, so avoid going to the same restaurant every single time.

Is your date a long-term partner or spouse? One of the best ways to create the perfect date night for them to enjoy is by listening to them. Did they say that there was a particular restaurant they were dying to go to? Did they ever say the phrase “we should do that sometime”? This shows that you are listening to the subtle hints, making the date even more special to them.

Try choosing something fun, like an arcade, to make it a really great night out. You could also use Google for fun ideas, since it can offer you special events going on or locations that you may not have even known existed. Do your research before going out to make sure it is really going to be a night to remember.

Now that you know what you should be doing, here are some things to avoid. Turn your cellphone off. Nothing kills the romance quicker than watching your date texting or on Reddit all night long. Dress nicely and appropriately for the date. You want to impress your date, not give off a bad first impression especially on a first date.

By following these tips, you are sure to have the perfect date night.

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