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Blue Apron v. Sun Basket – Which is Better?

This article aims to discuss the major differences between Blue Apron and Sun Basket, hence providing you a clearer picture of what you need to choose for your meals. Do note that both of these brands their own unique pros and cons.

Let’s consider the major differences first, before ultimately moving on to their respective pros and cons.

  • Types of meals offered

Based on the types of meals that are offered, Blue Apron usually gives meals that are relatively very easy for cooking purposes. However, according to customer reviews, their meals sometimes end up falling flat.

In comparison, Sun Basket also offers easy to cook meals though at a faster delivery speed as compared to Sun Basket. So in case you have to begin cooking in a rush, Sun Basket would be a better choice.

  • Signing up/Canceling

Both of these brands require a small signing up procedure allowing you to customize your order including the number of people to eat and the number of meals to cook per week.

As far as cancellation goes, you have to write Blue Apron cancellation team an email after which you will receive instructions for cancellation. In comparison, Sun Basket only require you to make a quick phone call for cancellation. So in this case, Sun Basket definitely takes the lead.

  • Packaging quality

Packaging is one of the most crucial aspects of meal delivery kits. After all, a good packaging ensures freshness and quality of the meal. Blue Apron happens to have a great packaging quality, which keeps food fresh and food items separated well whenever needed.

For instance, Blue Apron keeps its fruits and vegetables including zucchini, potatoes, cucumbers, lemons, garlic, and onions uncovered and free within the box plus the other ingredients that are bagged. In fact, this applies to most of the stuff other than meat. The meat is put separate by creating a partition with a piece of thick cardboard and ice packs so that the meat can stay fresh for an entire day.

  • Price Comparison

The price of a meal kit happens to be one of the most crucial factors that play a great role in their sale. This is perhaps the last and most important thing that people will look at before choosing one option. As far as the price is concerned, Blue Apron happens to be the cheaper option from among the two choices. It offers two plans, the first is the couple’s plan and the second is the family plan. The couple’s plan includes three different dinner meals for two people averaging at $59.94 per week which comes down to $10 per day.

The family plan, on the other hand, costs about $69.92 and averages $9 per person.

In comparison, Sun Basket happens to be a little more expensive where the couple’s plan averages at $75 per week. This results in $11.50 per person.

Blue Apron Pros

Good price

Greater meal options as the company grow

Good packaging

Blue Apron Cons

Slow delivery

Not many options for dietary restrictions

Slow cancellation procedure

Sun Basket pros

Many options for dietary restriction

Offers organic food

Quick cancellation by phone call

Easy to cook meals

Sun Basket cons

More expensive

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