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Diner! Diner!

Guest Contributor: Bea Louis I wanted to tell you about my experience at a diner while I was in New York.  Then I thought – I was a diner at a diner!  Homonym or Homograph?  Homonyms are words that sound…

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Tastes Like Home

Bea Louis Last week, I went to upstate New York for vacation.  We flew into Newark, NJ, and rented a car.  My friend from Nebraska was nervous the whole time.  Jumping, screaming, biting her nails just because a car was…

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Bea Louis Chef Daphne has been at it again.  She's winning the competition.  What competition do you say?  The competition to convert me from carnivore to vegetarian.  She's made Vegan dinners that made me forget I didn't have any chicken…

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