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Food should be personal. It should simplify your life, nourish your body, and create health and well-being. Our personal chef services were created to bring a sense of balance to life and frankly, old school customer service.

Since 2008, I have had the pleasure of preparing many types of cuisine for various clients throughout the Oklahoma City Metro.  Cooking is my passion! Whether its Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, Raw Food, Paleo or something else, I’ve got you covered!

This career gives me the opportunity to share my appreciation for great food and make people happy for a living! I am a member of the USPCA (United States Personal Chef Association) and a Certified Food Safety Manager with NRFSP. Rest assured that I have your utmost interest in mind when it comes to your meal prep!



Everyone should have a Personal Chef who takes the time to give your meal prep the love and care that it deserves!  All meals are customized to everyone’s individual taste and preferences.  It’s convenient, saves you time and everyone gets to eat exactly what they like.  How easy is that?


Your meals are packaged and labeled with your kitchen left spotlessly clean, leaving behind only the fresh aroma of home-cooked meals. All you do is heat and enjoy the delicious and nutritious meals your Personal Chef has prepared for you!  We are available 7 days a week and are happy to accommodate a schedule that works for you!

Daphne has cooked for us now for several months.  We absolutely love her!  She’s always on time, does the grocery shopping and cleans up after she has finished preparing our meals.  Daphne is also capable of preparing complex recipes to accommodate our solely organic diet.  Our meals are always fresh, healthy and taste incredible!  We highly recommend Daphne to anyone searching for a personal or private chef that truly caters to your personal taste.

- Paige & Rodney Stamps

Hi!  Just wanted to let you know how AMAZING the cod, quinoa & green beans & chicken were the past few nights!  Meant to tell you Friday but we've been packing for sage's big horse show.  She has Nationals in ft. Worth this week.  Best thing though was Alysse was in the kitchen when I was warming dinner up thurs night.  I was tasting the fish & quinoa to make sure it was warm enough.  I stood there eating half of it & said to Alysse it was the best tasting cod & quinoa I'd ever had.  She responded, "well it is DELICIOUS DISHES mom!"  Cracked me up & I really thought I was in a commercial at the moment.  You know it must be great when the whole family is back for seconds & agrees it's SOOOO amazing!  Thank you again for you incredible meals!!!!

- Shelley Clark

Delishes Dishes has been cooking for me weekly for the last several years it's delicious and reasonably priced! She does all the shopping, cooking and clean up for you! I would highly recommend them!

-Breena P.
Daphne was hired by a relative to help my family by cooking various dishes while I was going through chemotherapy and radiation. She was fast, courteous, catered to our special needs and most of all the food was fabulous! I highly recommend Daphne.

-Sharon Banta
Chef Daphne prepared several days' worth of meals for my parents and not only were they healthy, they tasted and smelled wonderful! I highly recommend her superb service and product!

-Bianca Gordon

We use Delishes Dishes on a weekly basis and love it! Chef Daphne does a wonderful job of learning what we need, like, and dislike. She even remembers to take the pepperoni out of one pepperoni parmesan chicken breast because one of us doesn't like it. Extremely professional and lots of options. It's so nice to come home, take dinner out of the fridge, and warm it up!

-Kate Urban

1.We have used Chef Daphne on a weekly basis for the past five months.

2.Chef Daphne's food is excellent in taste and in quality.

3. Chef Daphne is a highly professional chef in appearance, personality and in business.

4. Chef Daphne is always on time.

5. Chef Daphne offers a wide diversity of menus.

-Frank McPherson

Delishes Dishes was absolutely wonderful! Daphne really knew her stuff and her customer service is the best! We recommend to Delishes Dishes!

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